I have recently converted our company over from another CAD package (Cadkey) to Solidworks. Ironically, at the same time we were “downsized” and all of my drafting persons were absorbed by the corporate structure, and redistributed to other subsidiaries in the organisation (we are the smallest subsidiary of a 4 company corporation). As the head of document control, Engineering manager, Supervisor of all optical/mechanical assembly & calibration, and the primary “go to guy” for bidding on new systems,  I am finding myself spending 90% of my time doing detailed drafting for documentation purposes, rather than the engineering and developing of new products that I am supposed to be doing (we build one of a kind test instrumentation for the US gov, and the heavy hitters in the aerospace and defense industry). We are currently under a corporate mandated hiring freeze, but we can bring on “consultants” without involving the HR department or the “bean counters” as long as we price the costs of the consulting fees into the contract (no problem). I can (and prefer to) do all of the engineering and modeling myself, but I desperately need to farm out the detailed drafting tasks to free up more of my time. I have all the templates and file structures in place. I have set it up to work in a “pack and go” environment (I have to operate independent of the network from home in the evenings to keep up with the scheduling demands). if you are part of a company (or know of one)  that can bill out drafting time on a consultant basis, I would be grateful (and relieved) to hear from you. Solidworks is a marvelous tool, but I can’t make it work as a one man show with the work load we have (I’m turning away work because I know I don’t have the manpower to support the tasks)

I don’t need a “superstar”, just someone  (or a group of someones) that can bang out clean, complete, and accurate drawings in a short time frame that any shop can interpret and fabricate from (no fancy ANSII or Mil standard stuff is necessary).

E-mail me at Rtrent@electro-optical.com

Thank you for considering this offer (plea).

Randy Trent

Engineering Manager

Electro Optical Ind.

Santa Barbara. Ca

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30+ years Mechanical/Optical Engineer Santa Barbara area

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